Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital Addresses Community’s Driving Needs


For most people, getting their driver's license and the keys to the car means freedom, freedom to get out of the house and go elsewhere, anywhere you want to go, whenever you want to go. For most people, losing that driver's license, having the keys to the car taken away, means the loss of liberty.

The DriveABLE™ program at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital can help. This test measures an individual's reflexive abilities. Guided by a therapist the individual goes through six different tasks over a period of an hour to 90 minutes. Those tasks show the ability of the patient to avoid dangerous situations, to shift attention, to react to unpredictable locations, to control speed, to make spatial judgments and other decisions.

The DriveABLE test is not the only measurement of safe driving ability that Fairlawn therapists use. They also assess the movement of a driver's legs and arms, neck movement, eyesight and visual perception — how the brain interprets visual information — thinking skills, brake reaction time and traffic sign knowledge.

Read more about Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital’s DriveABLE program, courtesy of The Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

Source: www.telegram.com

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