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Rehabilitation for Amputees


Amputees’ Lives Can Return to Normal

Amputee Brings Hope


Athlete with disability visits FRH

Driving Evaluations


Read about how Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital’s Driving Evaluation Program is helping people to determine if and when they should continue or return to driving, courtesy of The Worcester Telegram & Gazette.

Fairlawn Named Hospital of the Year


Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital recently received the 2012 Hospital of the Year Award during HealthSouth Corporation’s Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.

Fairlawn Celebrates 25th Anniversary


Fairlawn marked its 25th anniversary as an acute rehabilitation hospital with a celebration on Sept. 20, 2012. More than 250 people, including former and current patients, staff, and community leaders attended the celebration, which was held at Fairlawn.

Fairlawn Brought Me Back


"Fairlawn Brought Me Back" campaign relates real patients' stories through film and print.

Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital Addresses Community’s Driving Needs


Getting a driver's license means freedom, freedom to get out of the house and go anywhere, whenever you want. For most people, losing that driver's license, having the keys to the car taken away, means the loss of liberty. The DriveABLE™ program at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital can help.

Miracles of Rehabilitation: Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital Patient John Durkin


Weakened after a month of bed rest, John Durkin began to improve at Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital. By discharge he was walking more than 100 feet using a walker. That distance greatly increased through treatment at Fairlawn’s Outpatient Center.

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By demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards for healthcare quality and safety, our hospital is accredited by The Joint Commission.

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