Our Values


Rehabilitation is all we do. At our hospital, every decision, resource and policy is designed to support our team. With specialized tools and cutting-edge technology, we deliver the most advanced rehabilitation care available with compassion and enthusiasm. Our values are always focused on doing what’s right for each and every patient – delivering quality, cost-effective care with integrity and respect.

Patient Experience

At our hospital, our employees have made a choice to make a difference.  We continually strive to improve the patient experience, which requires a team of dedicated professionals to lead the way.  It is our goal to provide our patients with unparalleled care delivered with comfort, professionalism, and respect, CPR for short, to continually improve each patient’s experience at our hospital. 

Our CPR program guides the way we provide care to our patients and how we work together as a cohesive, interdisciplinary team.  By treating our patients and our coworkers with Comfort, Professionalism, and Respect, HealthSouth leads the way in patient-centered care.   

Fairlawn’s Patient-Family Advisory Council

Listening to those who entrust us with their care is one of the most effective ways to ensure that we serve patients and families to the best of our ability. Seeing the delivery of care through their eyes and then collaborating with them to improve that care is the goal of Fairlawn’s Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC).

The Council, comprised of several senior management and staff members and four individuals from the community, meets every three months at Fairlawn.  

In its efforts to facilitate patient and family participation in hospital care, decision making, and policy and program development, the Council utilizes the Institute for Family Centered Care core concepts of dignity and respect, information and sharing, participation and collaboration.

The PFAC plan, policy and annual report are available publicly via electronic means by contacting:

Paula Bigelow MS, RN, Director of Quality

Email: paula.bigelow@healthsouth.com

Phone: 508 471-9425

We invite you to learn more about us.  Click here to view our mission statement and click here to meet our leadership team.

Employee Spotlight

Corey LeBlanc
Another reason that I find my work at Fairlawn rewarding is the hospital’s clinical ladder program, which allows me to expand my areas of expertise and further challenge myself within my chosen field.
Corey LeBlanc, Rehabilitation Manager

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Patient Testimonial

John Durkin - 80
I’m very pleased with the progress I have made so far and happy to be settled in a new home, spending time with my wife, our six children and 11 grandchildren.
John Durkin

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